Monday, May 26, 2014

Retired again

My brother is a bit older than me and he has retired three times. Last fall, when I told him I'd gone back to work, he told me;  "It's okay to come out of retirement if, and only if, the job is absolutely the most fun thing you can possibly think of doing." It was - and then - it wasn't.

So here I am once again, sitting in Peet's Coffee Shop after my morning bike ride. After I finish my coffee I will ride back home to a long list of favorite activities - many of which I have put on hold in favor of work. Sound familiar? There is a stool on my workbench that has been waiting to be glued-up and finished for a year. And there are shelves to make and a table to finish. There is a boat that needs to be floated and a fishing pole that needs to be flexed. There are plants in the greenhouse that need to be moved to the garden. There are baseball and softball games that need an umpire. There are trees that need to be pruned and brush that needs to be cleared. And there are web sites that need updating.

 Last time I retired I got bladder cancer. This time I am hoping for better results. My last day of work was May 23, 2014.