Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good News at six-month exam.

 My doctor (Urologist/Surgeon) came into the exam room with a big smile on his face and said; "It's all good news." And then; "Hi".  I had just come from the ultra-sound exam of my kidneys and bladder (neo-bladder) and he had these results and my blood tests in hand.  The ultrasound showed the swelling of my 'bad' left kidney has gone down significantly and my creatinine level is the lowest its been in two years (2.0).  My 'good' right kidney looked normal (slight swelling but that's normal with neo-bladders  - and even more so since it is still doing most of the work.

I reminded him that he had once said that a kidney that has quit working will shrink (did he say atrophy?) and he agreed that that may be what is going on here. But it's not causing any problems and the remaining kidney seems to be doing just fine.

And then, as if to punctuate the good news, he said he didn't want to see me for a whole year. That's just fine with me because as much as I like this guy, historically these meetings have brought bad news about half the time.