Thursday, September 24, 2015

Another good year.

Going on five years...

So, after last year's exam, the ultrasound was switched from every 6-months to every year. The first of these annual tests happened the other day and it gave the same results/trends as the last few. It showed that what was working is still working and what's not so good really hasn't changed either. But that is really a good thing.

Ultrasound summary: "Extrarenal pelvis on the right ('consistent' with Neo-Bladder). Changes of prior bladder surgery. Progressive diminution in size of the left kidney." 

 In english: the left kidney is not swelling but is not really doing much of anything so it is slowly fading away. The right kidney is doing all the work and even though it does show some swelling, this is caused by normal reflux from the neo-bladder. (These man-made bladders don't have the valves that prevent this back flow to the kidneys.)

The blood tests show my renal function is stable (Creatinine hovering around 2.1).

In summary, we don't need to do any more ultrasounds as long as blood levels remain stable. This also means that we won't need to meet with our urologists/surgeon any more. We kinda liked him after all this and will miss these little visits.  But this also means that I am now too 'normal' to keep a specialist on retainer. And this is good. 

Knock on wood....