Saturday, December 27, 2014

Four New Years

The fourth anniversary of my surgery has come and gone. 

I can't believe it's only been four years (actually my wife had to remind me that it was November 19) it seems like it's been a lifetime. These four years have been a gift for me.  If I hadn't had the surgery I'd have been dead at least three years by now.  I hope I am making the best of these new years.

I have done my best to do the following:
  • Share time with our two grandchildren.
  • Share time with our kids.
  • Study writing; fiction and non-fiction (on this blog and others).
  • Study guitar (learn a new song - at least one - every month). 
  • Volunteer a few hours a week along with my wife.
  • Maintain the thriving young forest/woodlot which we started planting 15 years ago.
  • Study woodworking - making things out of trees gown on - and harvested from - family woodlots.
  • Umpire youth baseball/softball and coach junior bowling.

So this holiday season - along with the three before it - has had great meaning for me. Every day I take a breath and think how happy I am (like I know the other shoe will fall but I'm not sitting around waiting for it. ) I thank God for letting me hang around a little bit longer. I hope she thinks it's worth it.

I hope the new year brings you health and happiness.