Friday, November 19, 2010

Here we go.

5:15 AM sounds early to be walking through the hospital doors but I'm usually up and about by now anyway and I think Debi is too nervous to sleep - she was up before me. Since I can't have any food or drink it's just as well to get started early. Debi's sisters drove down yesterday and they will join her at the hospital later in the morning to help her with the waiting.

We sit in a very nice prep room and host a parade of professionals as they each apply their magic - after I strip down and put on hospital gown ("the last suit you will ever wear").
  • Wrist band ID (now I can go on all the rides). 
  • Wrist band blood type match - just in case. 
  • Vital signs. 
  • Sign consent forms.  
  • anti-nausea pill. 
  • Blood draw for lab. 
  • Shave (you know where).
  • Wait
  • Meet with the Ostomy Nurse - to mark where the hole will be in my belly (for tubes, etc). This should be temporary unless there is reason to abort the neo-bladder and go with a permanent  Urostomy (ugh).
  • Meet with the anesthetist. 
  • Wait
  • Meet with the surgeon (he's bright eyed and bushy tailed - had a good night's sleep and is ready to go.)
  • Wait. 
  • Debi packs up all my stuff (clothes, cell phone, ipod, and glasses - I won't need to see). 
Finally, it's nearly 8 o'clock and the crew is there to roll me down to the OR. I lay back and they cover me with a hi-tech sheet that is mylar-like on one side and black on the other. (They suggest I save this for the car - great emergency blanket in the winter.) They a hair-net style hat made of the same stuff on my head. This is very warm - nice - the O.R. is cold.

A hug and a kiss from Debi and away I go ....

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