Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chemo; day 5 - whole body is a square peg in round hole

I have run out of nausea pills (except for the 4-hour boosters) but they seem to do the job. And I have those Queasy Drops.
Today I can concentrate enough to write on this blog.
I'm not sleeping at night as well as I was earlier in the week. This is pretty typical; worrying about whether I'm doing the right thing about (fill in the blank)
My body just aches in general. Every part feels a little off kilter; like trying to jam a square peg into a round hole.

The wind has picked up today so I can spend time in the garden without getting eaten alive. I can cach up a little so I weed, pick stuff, prune back blighted tomato plants, toss giant zucchini onto the compost - a shame, I know.

Went to a friends house to help her with her moving sale. I took some flower pots off her hands - nice big ones - that I am using to re-pot some of our deck plants that have outgrown there's. Just what I needed. Now I can use up some of my newly "screened" compost. (I built a compost screening machine, earlier this summer, out of spare parts. It works pretty slick. [Here's a video of the screener in action] )

I drove a chipmunk out to the airport. I'm catching chipmunks in live traps and moving them out of town. Is this humane? They probably won't survive out there but it's way better than poison. I trap one and it seems like 3 more show up. It's a summer-long dance. We live next to a golf course (on the other side of the tracks - of course) and I've come to believe that people who live down town live trap them and dump them off at the golf course. There's nothing to eat on the golf course so they find their way to our yard. It's like a relay race to get them moved out of town. Friends tell us if we didn't feed the birds we wouldn't have chipmunks.  We like birds.

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