Sunday, August 1, 2010

day five - is it okay to wait

Woke up this morning wondering whether it's a good idea to wait this long before surgery. Shouldn't we get the bladder out of there ASAP? Will delays give it time to spread?

I don't have much control over this because we have to wait for the surgeon to fit us in to his schedule and wait for a spot in the operating room. We are scheduled to meet with the surgeon next Wednesday and will find out all this at that time. Maybe he's already got me scheduled since he knows I'm coming and, if there's urgency, he will certainly be proactive.

I have visions of the remnants of the tumor - the part that was already imbedded to deep in the muscle wall of the bladder to get out with the TURBT procedure last week - being all pissed off and - feeling threatened - sending out all kinds of seeds (like a tree that has been wounded will sometimes bear a large crop of seeds).

Again, there is not much I can do but wait - and be prepared questions (this and more).

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