Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day two. Shakes

Still numb this morning. As I go around doing normal things in the morning I catch myself shaking all over. I'm scared. I ask Debi about it and she's the same way. We're trying to keep a positive attitude but that's not being easy to do. When I catch myself shaking I try to shake it off and focus on something I need to do here - some chore - like mowing the lawn or finishing a sanding/refinishing project I have in the shop.

We start calling relatives (or start getting calls) and this helps a lot. My brother-in-law had a massive heart attack a few years ago and insists that attitude is everything. He went back to work right away (sooner than the doctors thought) because it was driving him nuts just sitting around. He says this helped him a lot.

Both Debi and I are retired so we don't have that external framework of duties and responsibilities to get lost in. So we try to bury ourselves in our day to day chores and projects. But the shaking seems to come back.

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