Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Visit with Urologist - CT Scan - Cytoscope

CT Scan showed lump on inside bladder wall so Urologist needed to go in for closer look. I was prep'd for a Cytoscope. They but a camera up your penis (urethra) to look at the inside of your bladder. This isn't as bad as it sounds - really. And I got to watch as she gave me a guided tour of my urethra, prostrate, and then the Bladder. As we scanned around the bladder we saw a fingertip sized growth that looked "angry" to me (and her). It was red and white and very rough surfaced.

After getting dressed we had a discussion about where we stood. The tumor was still fairly small but it looked like cancer to the urologist (90% sure). The next step is schedule surgery (Trans Urethral Resection of Bladder Tumor) for biopsy & removal. "we need to get that out of there". If it hasn't gotten into the muscle wall this may be all that's needed. After removal they will pump in a chemo solution for an hour and I may or may not leave with a catheter.

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